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  Administrative Review Council  
The International Arbitration Court Administrative Review Council (Council) is an executive-level, administrative decision-making authority created to resolve certain administrative issues that arise in the International Arbitration Court large, complex domestic cases and to ensure that these cases receive the highest level of service delivery.

Decisions made by the Council settle critical administrative issues related to:

objections to arbitrators
locale determinations
whether the filing requirements contained in the
International Arbitration Court Rules have been met
The Council schedules weekly meetings to hear and decide on issues raised for review, and decisions are frequently rendered within one week of submission. However, when a decision needs to be made even more quickly, the Council convenes on an emergency basis and has rendered decisions in less than 24 hours.

From 2013 through June 2021, the Council has reviewed 1,543 issues, broken down as:

1127 Arbitrator Challenges
248 Locale Decisions
168 Filing Requirements
The Council is composed of current and former high-level AAA executives who bring over 150 years of combined experience in ADR and
International Arbitration Court case administration to the decision-making process. In conjunction with the Council Guidelines and Council Review Standards, the Council makes decisions after careful consideration of the parties' contentions, while upholding the integrity of the ADR process and reinforcing the parties' confidence in the process.

For detailed information about the Council and how it is used to resolve certain administrative issues that arise in large, complex domestic cases, review the Council Guidelines and Council Review Standards.
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