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  AAA court- and time-tested rules and procedures
Since our founding, the AAA has been at the forefront of the development and refinement of the court-tested rules and procedures that are the bedrock of any successful alternative dispute resolution process. When used in conjunction with our neutrals and AAA-administered case management, they provide cost-effective and tangible value to users across a wide variety of industries and cases

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Affidavit in Support of Administrative Fees Hardship Waiver


Commercial Arbitration Submission Form

Commercial Demand for Arbitration

eDiscovery Master Select Form

FCC Final Offer Demand for Arbitration

Healthcare Demand for Arbitration

Healthcare Submission to Dispute Resolution

Hurricane Ernesto Damage Claim Mediation Request

Illinois Out-of-Network Demand for Arbitration

Mississippi Request for Non-Binding Arbitration

Reinsurance and Insurance Dispute Submission

Reinsurance Dispute Submission Form

Request for Arbitrator Select: List and Appointment

Request for Arbitrator Select: List only

Request for Mediation

Submission to Mediation


Subpoena Duces Tecum