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Foreclosure Defense

Steven Bernstein , J.D. is a Judge on the International Arbitration Court for two years and specializes in contract and real estate disputes, business cases, contracts, and foreclosure cases.

Mr. Bernstein has a B.A., M.B.A. and Law Degree, has owned a mortgage company in Atlanta, Ga. for 19 years, a real estate license for over 28 years and was a Hilton Hotel owner from 2004-2018. Mr. Bernstein is a 50% owner of The Bernstein Company, Moss St., New Orleans, La. ,

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  Why arbitration ? There are many advantages to arbitration. First it is far more efficient and cost effective than most U.S. courts of record. In arbitration you get to choose your arbitrator while in courts of record you are assigned a Judge who very often may not be qualified in your area of dispute such as real estate. Arbitrators are neutral parties that have no vested interest other than trying to reach a fair and equitable settlement. Arbitrators do follow case law and respect the local laws of any of the 50 states. Arbitration is also able to handle domestic relations cases as well as disputes on the international level. Also, another major advantage of arbitration is you can hire local council or attorneys to advise you but attorneys are not allowed to speak in hearings. Most hearings today are zoom hearings due to Covid19 and the fact that our hearing very often have arbitrators that may be stationed in different states.

Judgments in a common law arbitration court are legally enforceable and can be domesticated.

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